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Shape-Shifting Leadership
Different kinds of leadership for different situations.
Hot Theology
If we ignore the reality of hell, we make one of Jesus' frequent teachings a mere metaphor.
Rethinking "Team" Terminology
More artistic leaders are looking for an alternative to sports metaphors in ministry.
A Losing Proposition
Is there ever an easy way to talk about controversial issues in the church?
Missional Misgivings
Small, indigenous churches are getting lots of attention, but where's the fruit?
Discovering and Escaping Liturgy
Worship trends among the young are more complicated than you realize.
Do It, Don't Blog It
Is all the chatter on the web about missional church actually keeping us from being missional?
Why do Christians need to be attentive to the attitudes of non-Christians toward the church?
Dan Kimball responds in our Ask the Experts discussion.