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When Ministry Is Welcome
Firsthand accounts of successful, unplanned ministry.
Olympic Shifts
What new global realities mean for the church
Making Space for the Spirit
How one church recognized spiritual warfare and the means God provides for victory.
Dave Gibbons: Are your Metrics a Little Off?
Investing in the power of one.
Dave Gibbons: The Rabbinical Way
Most churches pursue spiritual formation in a didactic way. We assess a person's strengths and then expect them to engage a series of classes that will, we hope, lead to maturity. But, what if we could customize a discipleship journey for each member of our church?
Times When Ministry Is Welcome
Signs that the time is right.
On the Verge
His understanding of the gospel led him to build a multi-ethnic megachurch. And now it's leading him to build smaller churches he calls "verges."
Dave Gibbons: Learning to Shift Reality
Let the Holy Spirit work within you to shift reality.
5 Indicators of an Effective Building
Traits of a useful existing ministry space
Church Lessons from HGTV
What our design says about our values.
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