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Ministry's Bleeding Edge
What churches do for trauma.
Millennials and the Bible
Christian millennials are into the Good Book but face skepticism from peers.
David Kinnaman: 5 Areas of Influence for Discipleship
Antidotes for why millenials are leaving the church.
The Rise of Digital Urban Tribes
How we under- and overestimate the power and shape of the next generation.
If Jesus Had a Smartphone
Making disciples after the revolution.
How Are You Pastor, Really?
New research shows where pastors are feeling fine and where they aren't.
Reaching Churchless America
Examining the unchurched
Urgent Care: Responding to Trauma
Minister sensitively and with great hope to those who are suffering through trauma.
Health and Wholeness for Church Leaders
Ministry burnout is about more than just the job.
David Kinnaman: The Prophetically-minded Church
Learning to think with a future focus in the church.
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