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Worth Cheering About
A recent incident confirmed that a hectic ministry pace can serve as a big, constant distraction in life.
What's New
I coach my son's basketball team of fifth- and sixth-graders.
One Word
Everyone knows the dual role of Thanksgiving—eating more than what's reasonable and expressing appreciation for something or someone.
Where Parent Responsibility Starts
You will send several messages today. Whether you intend to or not, you'll communicate thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to other people.
Character Test: Our Words
How would our conversations change if a webcam and mic followed us throughout the day?
In the Next 60 Seconds ...
Don't miss this opportunity to encourage a friend.
Filling the Blanks in Your Ministry
With the tight rhythm of weekend ministry pounding a beat that never stops, the desire to find the right someone turns into willingness to take anyone.
Two Essential Holiday Ministry Ingredients
Don't miss the opportunity to serve up some sweet treats with your heartfelt thanks.
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