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What Voices Do Kids Believe?
Children's ministers and volunteers must never forget the power of words of encouragement and praise.
Leading Up, Part 2
How to proactively influence those above you.
Ministering to At-Risk Children
When was the last time you or the members of your team looked into the eyes of a child in need?
Got Volunteers?
Effective recruiting requires careful attention to messaging.
What Churches Should Learn from Schools
Trends in public education apply to children's ministry.
Become an Everyday Hero
Focus on four overlapping elements of reliability, and you'll become a hero to a child.
Reaching the Other Kids
Prioritize affirmation and watch little lives change.
A Case for Prayer
Passionate, specific, persistent prayer is essential to every ministry.
An Everyday Hero
What does it really look like to love our neighbors as ourselves?
Relationships Matter Because ...
Everyone can extend a hand, build a friendship—and make a difference.