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Zeal Flips Tables
Jesus wasn't always Mr. Nice Guy. Church leaders shouldn't be either.
What Emanuel AME Taught Us About God's Unrelenting Love
They remain his set-apart people, no matter who sets upon them.
What the Church Says to Terrible People
‘Welcome to the club.’
Is the Body That ‘Betrayed’ Me Still ‘Very Good’?
What the incarnation affirms about the reality of God's creation.
Are You More Loving Than God?
Let's be real. Many of us think we can do it better.
The God of Good Manners?
It’s easy to forget that God is both kingly and courteous.
What We Mean When We Say 'Orthodox Christianity'
James K.A. Smith wants to focus on the creeds, not sexuality. But there's more to it than that.
The Lord's Supper Is a Rehearsal Dinner
When we partake in communion, we're practicing for something big.
How God Keeps it Together
When our life unravels, He holds the threads.
The Cynic’s Guide to Sin
We’re not surprised when people fail us. But should we be?