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The Root of All Kinds of Evil
The Inferno is crammed with greedy Florentines receiving their due.
Serving God with Mammon
John Wesley's wisdom for hard economic times: earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.
The Cremation Question
Firm belief in resurrection hasn’t kept Christians from caring—and arguing—about what happens to the bodies of the dead.
History in a Flash
A new CD-ROM offers quick access to the facts of church history, plus interactive quizzes
"Christian History Corner: God Bless, More or Less"
Irving Berlin's anthem captures America.
The House That Jack Built
C.S. Lewis and six of his literary friends open their doors to students and researchers at Wheaton College's impressive new Wade Center facility
Focus on the Future
Before you get too busy this year, take a few minutes to look into God's plan for your life.
The Quest
Christians have long desired to live lives unmarred by sin—and have walked many roads on the quest.
For Better or Worse
The Church of England's current wrestling with divorce echoes its inception.
How the Other Half Lived
Chronicling the forgotten gender in the Bible and church history.