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5 Ways Your Church Could End Up In Court
These true stories reveal the need for awareness and prevention.
Rising Healthcare Costs
How some churches are responding.
My Runs Don’t Need Your Commentary
How can women respond to street harassment?
Sunday Service: 2026
Imagine the worship experience of the future.
Lessons in Protection and Prevention from the Anti-Defamation League
A conversation with ADL associate director Elise Jarvis about how houses of worship can guard against hate crimes.
How Does Trump’s Religious Liberty Executive Order Affect Churches?
Four legal experts weigh in on what the order does--and doesn't--do.
Why Hiring Ex-Offenders Should Be a Priority for Churches
How churches can prioritize support and employment for those leaving prison—while still considering the risks.
How Mars Hill Made the Most of a Crisis
How a more healthy church resulted from a leadership flame-out.
Trump Won. Here's How 20 Evangelical Leaders Feel.
Pastors, authors, and others weigh in on 2016 election.
What Churches Should Know About Immigration Law
An immigration attorney shares how churches can help immigrants in their congregations and communities.
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