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Preaching to "CEOs"
What do you say to Christmas-and-Easter-Only attenders?
The Best of Today's Preachers
Leadership readers choose Jakes and Swindoll as most effective preachers.
The Passion Promises Faith-sharing Opportunities
Is your church ready to answer the questions raised by Mel Gibson's Crucifixion movie?
Leader's Insight: Leadership in Crisis
Lessons for leaders from Hurricane Katrina.
Leader's Insight: Is Ministry Leadership Different?
Andy Stanley and Jim Collins in an unexpected point-counterpoint.
Leader's Insight: Who Will Save Thanksgiving?
This Holy Day is trampled in the Christmas rush.
Leader's Insight: A Broad and Diverse Bloc
New research shows five kinds of Christians in America.
Cheers and Jeers for "Quitting Church"
Weekly Readers respond to Chad Hall's intentional time out from ministry.
Loving Nineveh
Finding a heart for ministry in a place (or situation) you don't like.
"Jesus Kidnapped!"
Sometimes that's how Christmas feels to me.
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