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The Best of Today's Preachers
Leadership readers choose Jakes and Swindoll as most effective preachers.
The Passion Promises Faith-sharing Opportunities
Is your church ready to answer the questions raised by Mel Gibson's Crucifixion movie?
Leader's Insight: Leadership in Crisis
Lessons for leaders from Hurricane Katrina.
Preaching to "CEOs"
What do you say to Christmas-and-Easter-Only attenders?
Cheers and Jeers for "Quitting Church"
Weekly Readers respond to Chad Hall's intentional time out from ministry.
Loving Nineveh
Finding a heart for ministry in a place (or situation) you don't like.
"Jesus Kidnapped!"
Sometimes that's how Christmas feels to me.
Leader's Insight: Is Ministry Leadership Different?
Andy Stanley and Jim Collins in an unexpected point-counterpoint.
Leader's Insight: Who Will Save Thanksgiving?
This Holy Day is trampled in the Christmas rush.
Leader's Insight: A Broad and Diverse Bloc
New research shows five kinds of Christians in America.
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