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Soul Deep (pt. 2)Subscriber Access Only
O for the sermons that change lives.
How to Rebuke with CompassionSubscriber Access Only
You'll probably need to use these tips sooner than you'd like.
Let Us Now Praise Faithful MenSubscriber Access Only
How long-dead pastors encourage me today, plus other bits from The MacDonald Files.
Leader's Insight: Overhaulin'Subscriber Access Only
Gordon MacDonald on rest for the high mileage believer.
"The Shack" by King DavidSubscriber Access Only
Why certain stories disturb many and comfort so many more.
Going DeepSubscriber Access Only
Cultivating people of spiritual depth is a pastor's top priority
To Serve and ProtectSubscriber Access Only
How pastors guard the flock
The Day I Hit the Wall
A simple question led to a life-defining collapse.
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