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The MacDonald Files
Leader's Insight: Parting Words for Worshipers
And other gleanings from the MacDonald Files.
Leader's Insight: Christians Talk Too Much
From the MacDonald Files
Leader's Insight: True Friends in Crisis Times
Recent entries in Gordon's journal include crashes, Jesus, and mismatched socks.
Luminosity and Miss McCall
Some memories from my childhood still shine today, for good reason.
Leader's Insight: Expanding Your Bandwidth
When am I too old for effective ministry across the generations?
Leader's Insight: What's In a (Church) Name?
Our historic church finds renewed meaning in a new name (and in the slow process of changing it).
Leader's Insight: Dodger Heaven
Baseball, hot dogs, and an afternoon with my dad was a foretaste of glory divine.
Impatient Questions for God
Does God really invite my honest pleadings and even demands?
Kids, Dogs, and Real-World Words
Preaching that even children take to heart employs words simple and deep.
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