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Impatient Questions for God
Does God really invite my honest pleadings and even demands?
Kids, Dogs, and Real-World Words
Preaching that even children take to heart employs words simple and deep.
Emergency Instructions
Urgent messages must sound urgent, and other entries from Gordon's journal.
Leader's Insight: Construction Zone
Life in the slow lane may be God's intention for us after all.
Leader's Insight: Exercises in Patience
What I'm learning from airlines, C.S. Lewis, and war.
Leader's Insight: On Fords and Faithfulness
What my unreliable old car taught me about myself.
Leader's Insight: So Many Christian Infants
Why are we so good at leading people to faith and so bad at prodding them to maturity?
My Faves: The People I Keep
Creating a new cell-phone directory tested my commitment in ways I didn't expect.
Are You a Good Friend?
In a dangerous mountain hike, I discovered what real friendship is.
Leader's Insight: Hearing Voices
How blue tooth technology has me connecting on a spiritual plane.