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Corked Bats, Corked Souls
What's inside determines both the heavy-hitter and the lightweight.
Have We Room for Thoughtful Political Debate?
Observations on the new "gloom and doom" from Gordon's journals.
Leader's Insight: Redefining Heroes
Gordon MacDonald on the elderly, his recent trip to South Korea, and becoming a foot-washer.
Leader's Insight: One-Raspberry Holocaust
New gifts from the death camps, plus a new book on quitting church to follow Jesus.
Leader's Insight: Risking a Foggy Road
The reason to forge ahead when your spiritual work becomes drudgery.
Leader's Insight: 5 Crucial Questions on the State of Leadership
A self-test, plus journal entries on loons, Iraq, and G.K. Chesterton.
Why Gordon Is Conflicted
from The MacDonald Files
Preserving My Unedited Thoughts
Reality, however harsh, is preferable to sweetened memories.
The Monday Morning Question
Gleanings from the MacDonald Files
Leader's Insight: Downsize Me!
Lessons in simplicity from Gordon's journal (plus his summer reading list).
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