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He Said, She Said
'My junk inspires me'
Is Preaching in Jeopardy?
A Lesson from the All-Time Quiz Winner Streak.
Why Kids Need Family Reunions
Connecting with your extended family can have an eternal impact.
Way to Pray!
How to make the ACTS prayer method accessible to your child.
Family Pride
Show your kids the treasure they have in belonging to one another
A Faceless Visitor
The mysterious being prepared me for a bigger crisis.
The Mantle of a Martyr
Forty years ago, a young medical missionary was shot and killed while serving in the Congo. Today, his son carries on his legacy.
It's Still a Wonderful Life
Karolyn Grimes, who played little Zuzu in It's a Wonderful Life, has had quite a difficult personal journey, but she says God has "redeemed the sorrow in my life."
Help for Depression
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