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Ebola Outbreak Leads to Suspension of Church Services
Panic and terror spread like virus as infections and deaths increase.
Space Frontiers
How three churches are pioneering new ways to use facilities for the gospel.
The Power of a Whisper
A Leadership book review
Finding Soul Satisfaction
John Ortberg on caring for your soul.
Joy Amid the Pain
Theologian John Mark Hicks discovered the healing power of lament.
Mythical Proportions
America is not so generous, free, and innocent as it imagines itself.
Rocking the White Citadel
Book review of "The Next Evangelicalism" by Soong-Chan Rah.
We Can't Do Megachurch Anymore
What happens when an "attractional church" is compelled to go in a different direction?
Uganda: Innocence Stolen
A paramilitary group in Uganda is abducting younger children to fill its ranks. Those who manage to escape are plagued with haunting memories.
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