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Preparing for Worst Case Scenarios
Interview with safety expert, David Dose.
Matt Chandler: ‘You Create Your Own Treadmills’
An interview on applying grace to yourself.
Why Churches Lose Their Way
Joe Thorn discusses how congregations can rediscover the biblical basis of who they are and what they’re called to do.
Proper Preparation
A security professional discusses safety on short-term missions.
Pastoring People Who Cause You Pain
Pastor and author Jared C. Wilson shares what America’s first ordained African American taught him about facing hardship in ministry.
Balancing Acts
Tim Keller and Andy Stanley explain what it takes to get ministry right.
Signs of Life
Joel and Rachel Triska asked their neighbors what they needed—then designed a community to meet those needs.
Leading in Prayer
Max Lucado talks about how good prayers shake the heavens and shape community.
Connecting with Muslims
Finding common ground is essential to reaching Muslims.
The Church in Secular Culture
Moving from a stance of admonition to mission
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