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Art + Exegesis = "The Minimum Bible"
Pastor and artist Joseph Novak talks text and symbol.
I was a stranger, and . . . ?
Breaking Down the Walls
How thoughtfully engaging immigrants strengthens churches and communities.
Future studies
Evangelizing Tomorrowland (Part 1)
York Moore has led thousands of modern students to faith. Here’s his wisdom for taking the gospel to the future.
Conservation, conversion
Planted and Planting
How environmental care creates Christian community.
News worthy
Revangelizing the Church
Pastor Lance Ford thinks Christians need to listen to the Good News again.
Redefining the Kingdom?
Scot McKnight says we're using "Kingdom" wrong. Here's why that matters.
Farewell Franchise Ministry
Why is megachurch pastor John Mark Comer ditching conventional church-growth wisdom? Two words: mission and millennials.
Dancing in the Rain
Erwin McManus on how being "naked and unashamed" led to new faith, new life, and new believers.
Falling up
Are We Failing at Failing?
Finding freedom from our slavery to success.
Where Has Grace Gone?
A conversation with Philip Yancey