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The Enduring Church
Believers in every age worry about the collapse of the faith.
The First Christian
Mary’s preeminent example as a Christ follower neither began nor ended at Christmas.
Glad Tidings Come in Times of Terror
The nativity story is the advent of God’s love to a fear-filled world.
Division Is Not Always a Scandal
What to think of the 45,000 denominations that rose from the Reformation.
The Clergy Behind Science as We Know It
Enlightenment-era pastors didn’t oppose modern science. They helped advance it.
Pastors, Printers, and the Priesthood of Believers
Without the ministry of skilled printers, Reformers may never have found their voice.
An Unsung Inspiration for the Protestant Reformation: the Ethiopian Church
For the Reformers, renewing the church was a Pentecost moment tied to the global body of Christ.
A Novel Virus, Not a Novel Calling
The church’s role in COVID-19 vaccination.
Think You Had a Bad Day?
10 things to remember from church history when you're discouraged in ministry.
Paul’s Most Beloved Letter Was Entrusted to a Woman
Meet Phoebe, the first interpreter of Romans.
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