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Assessment Pack: Taking the Pulse of Your Church
It's not only important to know where the church is heading, but to know where your congregants think it's heading, too.
Ingredients of Rhetorical Power
How well does this message use language?
What Theology Looks Like in a Sermon (part 2)
Everyone does theology. Do you do it right?
Wounds of a Friend: Complementarian
Complementarians need to recover a fully biblical view of women — and of handling theological disagreement.
The Unchanging Grounds of Our Authority
Just who do you think you are telling others what to do, what to believe? In any culture, in any age, we will preach with confidence when we correctly understand where our authority comes from.
Disappointed with Intimacy
We set ourselves up for confusion about God if we forget that the best is yet to come.
Strengthening Small Churches
This Training Theme looks honestly and biblically at the important roles of small churches and provides ways to lead in the midst of the unique dynamics that shape them.