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The Church Stewardship Prime Directive
Here's one finance principle that should trump all others.
Toss the Old Sweater
Ministry, like a closet, can be too full.
3 Starter Principles for Becoming an Innovative Small Church
The change in my church needs to start with Jesus changing me
13 Reasons Not to Worry About the Future of the Church
The church has survived and thrived through worse problems than whatever is worrying us today
Delegating Tasks In the Small Church: Two Options and Six Lessons
When there's little help available, we can either do fewer activities or train more disciples. Here are six ways I learned to do both.
Bringing Innovative Strategies to an Established Small Church
Three starter principles to help an existing church move from stuck and dying to healthy and innovative.
Why 'Just Preach the Gospel' Is Naïve, Unbiblical Advice
Talk is never enough. When the gospel message flows through us, it is affected by who we are and what we do.
11 Ways to Be the Church for Those Who Don’t Go to Church
People need to know us before they can trust us. And they need to trust us before they’ll go to church with us.
Is Church Holier With the Lights On? Or Off?
Two services. On opposite ends of the country. They couldn't have worshiped more differently. Which one got it right?
9 Reasons to Embrace the Term 'Small Church'
Being small is not a problem, so calling us small churches isn't a problem either.