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The Neglected Spiritual Practice
Why do we so often forget the importance and power of celebration?
Chicken Nuggets and the Sabbath
Download the Kyria ebook, Sabbath Rest in a World of Stress, in the Nook, Kindle, or Kyria stores.
Kicking Hospitality Out of the Kitchen
Is it really about the “home arts” or something deeper?
Freedom in Forgiveness
Five truths about God’s grace
Kick Your Husband Out of the House
Trust me, it’s good for your marriage.
Don't Judge a Tea by Its Doily
Not all churches underchallenge women.
What We Want
Why Jen Pollock Michel views desire as a gateway to deepened intimacy with God
The Lord God Made It All
Will you join me in championing science?
Embracing Science
Let’s put the faith vs. science mentality to rest
Notes on a Legal Pad
How my dad—and God—helped me pick the right school