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Pint-Sized Spirituality
God himself is at work in our children's lives.
The Surprising Blessing of Inconvenience
How a slower pace of life has filled my spirit.
The Neglected Spiritual Practice
Why do we so often forget the importance and power of celebration?
Singing of Mother Mary
In our efforts to differentiate ourselves from unbiblical approaches to Mary, have we swung the pendulum too far the other direction?
Empowered to Be . . . Normal
Finding real power in a Spirit-shaped life
When God Feels Far Away
5 ways you can reconnect with him
Hope in the Darkness
Advent and a nation in turmoil
The World: Love It or Hate It?
Developing a gospel-centric, global perspective
Jesus Doesn't Call Us to Merely Be Nice
The life-changing challenge from the Good Samaritan
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