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When Do the Latest Hillsong and Bethel Hits Belong in Your Sunday Lineups?
How worship pastors decide whether to sing to the Lord a new song.
Christianity Today’s 2021 Christmas Albums Roundup
Here are our favorite new releases by Christian artists, including The Porter’s Gate, Chris Tomlin, and more.
‘Faithful’ Project Offers Sacred Space for Christian Women to Create
A new collaboration from Integrity Music brings together musicians and Bible teachers to celebrate God’s faithfulness to women in a way that transcends evangelical silos.
America’s True Freedom Is Getting to Sing About God, Not Country
This Fourth of July, worship leaders work to focus devotion “In Christ Alone.”
Worship Leaders Hit with Pandemic Burnout
Music ministry has always been demanding, but the past two years have made it unsustainable for some.
150 Weeks of Composing Psalms Reaches Its Finale
After nearly three years, Poor Bishop Hooper’s accidental pandemic project concludes with a new psalter for the church.
Why It Feels So Disappointing to Sing to the Lord a Remote Song
Lessons from a year without corporate worship.
‘The Jesus Music’ Is a Love Letter to Fans
But like the CCM industry, it speaks an insider language.
Should We Keep Singing Hillsong?
When the megachurch’s former pastors are in the news with allegations of scandal and abuse, what a contentious name it is.
Study: Female Songwriters Are Dropping Off the Worship Charts
As big-label collaborations dominate church setlists, fewer Christian women are penning hits than 30 years ago.