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150 Weeks of Composing Psalms Reaches Its Finale
After nearly three years, Poor Bishop Hooper’s accidental pandemic project concludes with a new psalter for the church.
Seven-Hour Oratorio Sings the Gospel of Mark Word for Word
If any man have ears to hear, let him hear: “The KJV actually sang quite well.”
Putting Christian and Missionary Alliance Theology in Song
What if worship music got a little more denominationally specific? A new artists’ collective is experimenting with that.
People Say Worship Music All Sounds the Same. They Might Mean Something Else.
Complaints about the emerging genre may have to do with the discomfort with monoculture surrounding it.
Should We Sing About Drowning Our Enemies?
Elevation’s recent hit has stirred a broader discussion on how to incorporate imprecatory language in worship without being triumphalist.
Kids Can Sing and Shout. How Do We Teach Them to Worship?
From Isaac Watts to Shane & Shane, songwriters have seen the power of music for the minds of young believers.
How Do You Get to the Dove Awards?
Without set theological parameters, it’s the audience and the industry that elevates artists.
Worship Artists Who Skip Labels Still Need Support
An emerging infrastructure offers indie musicians help with streaming and marketing without signing away their music rights.
‘How Great Thou Art’ Gets a New Verse in Matt Redman Collaboration
Songwriters and hit worship singers including Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin, and Mitch Wong come together to celebrate the hymn’s 75th anniversary.
Big, Big Market: Why CCM Filled ’80s and ’90s Homes
Recent histories, documentaries, and devotionals prompt fans to look back—and perhaps learn some lessons—from the genre’s heyday.
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