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How Rapidly Do You Implement Change?
You're torn between those who want change now and those who want it never. What do you do?
Stopping GossipSubscriber Access Only
Currents Shaping My Church: Up and ComersSubscriber Access Only
What characteristics do you look for in future leaders?
Currents Shaping My Church: War, Politics, and the PulpitSubscriber Access Only
How do you handle potentially explosive social issues when you know your congregation is not of one mind?
Is Seminary Old School?Subscriber Access Only
4 pastors weigh the pros and cons of higher education.
First ContactSubscriber Access Only
How do you connect first-time guests to the church body?
Leader's Insight: Kids and the Church's Dirty LaundrySubscriber Access Only
How much should the family know about the ugly stuff at church?
Before The Passion FadesSubscriber Access Only
Readers respond to the debate over our "best outreach opportunity" ever.
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