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Breaking All the Barriers
How the Spirit at Pentecost decimated humanity’s dividing walls.
A Lent That's Not For Your Spiritual Improvement
Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness weren't about getting closer to God, either.
Leading God's People
A Leadership Journal review
Did Jesus Make Mistakes?
Mark Driscoll says yes, though Jesus never sinned. Experts weigh in.
Yes, Jesus Has Always Been Our Boyfriend
The biggest difference between old and new hymns isn't Trinitarian theology.
Baptizing the Dora Generation: Why Preschooler Faith Is So Controversial
Southern Baptist leaders would rather ‘the only consistently growing group in baptisms’ be shrinking.
Jesus Suffers with Us—and We with Him
Even in our darkest moments, he is not going anywhere.
Did Matthew Think Peter Was a False Disciple?
A new book from a top evangelical scholar makes the case.
Five Tips for Illustrating the Atonement
How to make sure your illustrations are grounded in Scripture and connect with your people.
Up and Away: Why It Is Good that Christ Departed
Exploring the reason for Christ's ascension into heaven.