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Called to Lead … Someday
Many young leaders feel like Moses in Midian.
Jesus Is the Worst Superhero Ever
But he's also the hero that we need.
Yes Church, We Still Need Seminaries
But not the way we think we do.
Accountable for Attention?
Influence can be a sweet poison.
Pitchfork and Pentecostals
What do we lose when we control our worship too much?
Leading from the Pit (of Depression)
How can you be a spiritual leader when you can't get out of bed?
Leading for Someone Else
How a good backup quarterback reminds me of servant leadership.
Celebrity Death, Ministry Reminder
It's easy to mythologize "tortured geniuses," and miss the shared stories of struggle.
The Gift of Work
How I've learned to see my day job as more than just a way to pay the bills.