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Year-end Giving
How to maximize resources for your ministry.
Recession Proof
Communicate your mission, not your budget.
Morale Boost
Improve post-layoff morale by communicating hope and encouraging creativity.
God of Power
God demonstrates who he is through strength and weakness.
I Have a Confession to Make
Why online confession booths like FamilySecret and Post Secret take us only so far.
Consider the Vampire
Why the 'Twilight' novels deserve our attention—and why they should raise concern.
Friday Night Lights' Shining Female Lead
Why Tami Taylor is the best female character on television today.
More Than a Magazine
Christianity Today's many brands make names for themselves.
The Best Time I Failed at Lent
I beat myself up over my weakness, but then I discovered an important aspect of Lent and Easter that I hadn’t realized before.
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