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Dancing Down the Aisle
What a viral wedding-dance video can teach about the meaning of marriage.
In the Loop: Christians in Court, Women in the Army, and Writing on Faith
What the women's blog editors are reading today.
In the Loop: Two Memoirs, One Tweet, and No Votes for Letterman
What the women's blog editors are reading today.
Are Chick Flicks 'Emotional Porn'?
It depends on how you view them.
Christian Female Musicians, Missing in Action
What accounts for the surprising dearth of women in today's CCM scene?
Glee: Stereotype Me!
Why the introduction of a stereotypical Christian character on the popular show Glee could be reason to celebrate.
The Intern Experience
What it's like to intern at Christianity Today. (Hint: It's more than making coffee.)
Inside the League
Christianity Today's annual Fantasy Football league kicks off a new season.
Farewell, 2013!
Slideshow: A peek into the past 365 days at Christianity Today headquarters
Parsing the Culture
Introducing PARSE, Leadership Journal's new culture and ministry blog.