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From the Editor
Heart & Soul
Currents Shaping Our World: The Purpose-Driven BestSeller
Devotional tops secular charts, and your church is reading it.
Preaching Past TiVo
Do you tell the whole truth to people who want only certain parts?
Pomo Ponderings
10 Questions about Postmodern Ministry
Leader's Insight: Kids and the Church's Dirty Laundry
How much should the family know about the ugly stuff at church?
Impatient Questions for God
Does God really invite my honest pleadings and even demands?
Kids, Dogs, and Real-World Words
Preaching that even children take to heart employs words simple and deep.
The Theology of Plan B
Finding out your back-up plan is God's first choice.
Emergency Instructions
Urgent messages must sound urgent, and other entries from Gordon's journal.