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Reviewing Game Film: How to Evaluate Your Sermon
Use this simple Sermon Evaluation Form and a preaching "coach" to help you evaluate your preaching.
Preaching as a Spiritual Discipline
Preaching as a spiritual discipline is an incarnational approach that unites the human preacher with the divine Christ in the homiletic journey.
Preaching Through a Camera to a Congregation
4 preaching practices that can keep us from losing our sermonic soul.
Connecting with More Listeners
Preaching that connects to the diverse needs of your hearers.
How to Bake a Good Sermon
5 ingredients for a biblically substantive and culturally relevant sermon.
Healthy Preachers in a Horrific Pandemic
The importance of sleep, hobbies, exercise, and devotions in the life of the preacher.
Preaching in a World of Confusion
God exceeds our Palm Sunday expectations on Easter Sunday.
A Good Exit Strategy
What to do on your way out.
Overcoming the Monday Morning Blues
4 quick tips for fighting the dreaded MMBs.
Practice (Literally) What You Preach
Consider adding these rehearsals to your sermon prep.