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A Singular Mission Field
There are more single people in America than ever—and they need the church as much as ever.
The Life of Mary, with Margaret Feinberg
A small group study focusing on the courage and faith of Mary.
Help! My Small Group Has Been Hijacked!
Four common ways your small group gets derailed and how to respond
What is a Church Worth?
Are you undervaluing the impact your church is having on the local community?
4 Ways to Prevent Unintentional Gossip
Take care when telling other people’s stories
Is Your Calling too Small?
It should be more than a job title
Mary - Unexpected
Imagine teenaged Mary's experience of discovering her pregnancy.
Mary - Unfulfilled/ Fulfilled
Along with the great honor of being chosen to be the mother of the Christ came unspeakable pain as she watched her son despised, rejected, and crucified.
News you can use
Build a Better Facebook?
How churches can benefit from Google+
Tuesdays with Tozer- Holy Men & Women
The desire others carry for God can help ignite our own.