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What's Changing—and What's Not
What larger churches are teaching us about current ministry efforts.
8 Federal Issues for Churches to Watch
Legislation, lawsuits may affect church leaders this fall—and beyond
Sex Offenders: Coming to a Church Near You
How churches, ready or not, are ministering to society's most despised
Integrating Sex Offenders At Church
Balancing inclusion and safety in difficult situations.
Shouldn't a Ban on Sex-Selective Abortions in America Be a No-Brainer?
In the war on women, two very different battles are being fought.
Is taking matters into our own hands the solution?
TCW Talks to . . . Sherry Surratt
The CEO of MOPS International and co-author of Just Lead! on why mentoring moms builds better leaders
Jesus Is Coming—Wait for It
A letter from the editor
How Do You Like Me Now?
You'll never find your life purpose as long as you're craving man's approval over God's amen.
Women Doing Well
How four friends inspire and equip others to leverage their wealth