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What the Unchurched See in a Building
New research says people are looking for "sacred" buildings.
Lay Off the Layoffs
Alternatives to cutting staff when the budget gets tight.
Tripped Up
How to collect gifts to fund short-term missions legally.
New Business Meetings Format
An alternative format may restore the effectiveness of your congregational meetings.
Streaming Missions
Using Skype to give your congregation a vision for the world.
A Closer Look at "Lean" Church Staffs
Identifying churches that spend less than 35 percent on staff
Check, Please!
Remote-deposit capture is an efficient way to handle Sunday offerings.
Drastic Times, Not Drastic Measures
Ideas for responding to a decline in church offerings.
Protecting Churches from Porn
Helpful tips for guarding church employees and equipment.
Should Pastors Know What People Give?
A temptation toward favoritism, or a needed discipleship tool?