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The Story Behind Christianity Today's Awards
Recent honors underscore the ministry's commitment to today's global church
EPA 2012's Higher Goals: First Place for Reporting for "Ethiopia's River of Death"
A Q&A with Tim Morgan, deputy managing editor, Christianity Today
Do Religions Produce "More than Their Fair Share" of Child Abusers?
One Patheos' writer's logic is flawed. But church leaders should still be ashamed.
The Long Goodbye: Can Small Groups Break Up Well?
What should church leaders do when a group's on the decline, but no one is willing to pull the plug?
How Churches Spend Their Money
Five insights on church budget priorities.
Child Abuse Reporting Laws: 22 Facts Church Leaders Should Know
How state laws define who must report actual or suspected abuse, when a report must be made, and how.
UPDATE: Oral Arguments Completed in Clergy Housing Allowance Challenge
Seventh Circuit’s three-judge panel should reach a decision by early next year.
Religious Freedom Protection Expanded in South Dakota and Montana
Twenty-three states now require their governments to meet higher standards whenever they “substantially burden” religious exercise.
What the Unchurched See in a Building
New research says people are looking for "sacred" buildings.