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Crisis Ready
Tragedies are inevitable but never expected. When the next one occurs, will your church be strengthened or shattered?
Lasting Influence
Your job as a leader isn't over until over until you've prepared the next generation.
Choosing Wise Leaders
7 questions to measure a candidate's most important qualification.
Leader's Insight: Where Have All the Magi Gone?
A screening test for choosing wise leaders.
Do Programs Help or Hinder?
How churches contribute to spiritual maturity without becoming just a calendar-cluttering distraction.
What's the Big Idea?
Cultivating ideas and thinking deeply can be spiritual acts of love.
Response to the Sikh Temple Shooting
All are made in the image of God, even those we disagree with.
Leading the Elder Board
Build, lead, and grow a team of elders that sets the culture for the rest of the church.