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Building a Battle-Ready Team
Three questions to determine whether someone is a good team player.
Going To Hell with Ted Haggard
What I learned about grace and redemption through my friendship with a Christian pariah.
Cancer of the Attitude (Part One)
Treat this disease before it sickens your ministry.
Cancer of the Attitude (Part Two)
How I responded when I found my success being threatened by an unlikely foe.
Firehouse Accountability
There has to be a better way to look out for each other.
Do You Have What it Takes to Lead?
Three tests to determine if someone is ready to lead.
We Need to Stop Eating Our Own
My brush with death showed me how division cripples our mission.
Confessions of a Leadership Junkie
Sometimes we need to learn from others … even if they're successful.
They Think We're a Hate Group, & They Might Be Right
The "Christian leaders" in the media don't speak for me.