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Beating the Pastoral Blues
Why was I so dissatisfied and on edge? I needed something I couldn't seem to find.
Stop trying to look good, and do the dirty work beneath the surface.
Emotional Stability
You'll never grow up if you aren't willing to examine your inner life.
Soul Health for Spiritual Leaders
The best leader is a spiritually healthy leader.
Developing an Emotionally Healthy Church
Assess and address the spiritual health and maturity in yourself, your leaders, and your congregation
The Road to Emotional Health
How transforming your unhealthy interior transforms your leadership.
3 Ways to Stay Sane This Easter Season
Yes, it's possible to relax during your busiest time of the year.
Lord, Deliver Us from Passive-Aggressive Conflicts
Every church has elephants in the narthex. Here are four ways to root them out.
Do You Follow the Right Jesus?
Four cultural values entice us toward an Americanized messiah instead of the crucified Christ.