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Jesus and the Big Bang
The Apollo missions, the greatest technological achievement of our species, gave the first real glimpse of our puny place in the universe.
Chords That Bind
I experienced common grace, perhaps consciously for the first time, through music.
Fear and Faith in the Middle East
As I remember my trip to Lebanon, I think how easy it is to write about the gospel from my serene perch in Colorado.
The Last Deist
We need more than a just watchmaker who winds up the universe and lets it tick.
Cosmic Combat Part 2
(Part 12 3)On earth, a baby was born, a king got wind of it, a chase ensued. In heaven, the Great Invasion had begun: a daring raid by the ruler of the forces of good into the universe's seat of evil.
The Back Page | Philip Yancey: Strengthening Our Weakest Link
Evangelicals should be more needful of the minds of others
Letter from a Muslim Seeker
Christians aren't the only ones asking 'Why?' after September's tragedy
Jesus' Sword
Longing for peace in tumultuous times
"Blood, Part 3: Life in the Blood"
"If Jesus had been born in the twentieth century, would he have chosen the image of transfusion for his forgiveness, love, and healing?"