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Comprehensive Health Plan
To lead a healthy church takes more than technique.
How to Grow a Church
Create a church climate that leads to physical and spiritual growth.
Seven leaders identify ministry's most strategic points.
The Evangelistic Power of Worship
How can a service be both a worship service and seeker friendly?
Andy Stanley & Rick Warren: Compare and Despair
In a culture full of celebrity pastors, it is easy to compare yourself to others, but Rick Warren says it's a terrible mistake.
Recovery Ministries
One amazing way churches can live out the gospel is by offering recovery ministries like support groups and counseling.
Comprehensive Health Plan
Influential Things Come in Small Packages
"Three friends, four spiritual laws, and other legacies of Bill Bright"
Rick Warren: 'You Can't Put New Wine in Old Wineskins'
Denomination's most prominent pastor on Bob Reccord's resignation.
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