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Rest for the Mind
How you can still your racing thoughts in order to enjoy the presence of God?
The Fruit of Solitude
If the spiritual discipline of solitude doesn't impact real life, it's not worth much.
Discernment as a Way of Life
We don’t make decisions in a vacuum
Spiritual Disciplines for Busy Church Leaders
Practical tools for leaders who are too busy not to intentionally focus on their spiritual life.
Recognizing When We're Dangerously Tired
The difference between "good tired" and "dangerous tired"
The Gift of Listening
Attentive listening is hard work, but it's necessary for healthy community.
The Old Testament Tells All
The Hebrew Scriptures place internal struggles on full display—and teach us a lot about spiritual practice.
When Sparks Fly
Women and Men in Partnership
Can You Hear God Now?
Your most important leadership role: discerning and obeying God's voice. Together.
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