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Whatcha Thinking?
She was curious; I was clueless. Trouble followed.
Use Teachable Moments to Your Advantage
And how to keep your eyes open for them
Pushing the Comfort Zones of Small Groups
Why today's small groups need to move beyond a traditional Bible study
Cutting the Competition
If you want small groups to succeed in your church, make sure your leaders have enough time to do them right.
Faulty Assumptions about Intergenerational Groups
Why don't we see more "full family" small groups?
Video of the Week: Facilitation
Mac Lake gives great advice on how to improve your facilitation skills.
Call Out the Spiritual Gifts in Your Group Members
Recognize your group members' gifts in both direct and indirect ways
What Makes a Good Video Bible Study?
Three elements that ensure a quality study worth your money
Search Smart
If you use the Internet to find and confirm sermon illustrations, these five websites will help you make the most of your time.
An End to the Creation/Evolution Wars?
Hugh Ross incorporates common sense into the debate in Creation as Science.