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The Power of Preaching Teams
Toolkit: Preaching
Honing Your Introduction
Four ways to improve the opening minutes of a sermon
Preaching on 2 Timothy
An overview of the historical background and theology of 2 Timothy to help you develop your sermon series and apply it to your hearers.
A Man for All Evangelicals
Vernon Grounds shaped the movement with a rare combination of gifts in apologetics, social justice, and pastoral counseling.
Insights for Preachers
Hermeneutics + neuroscience + missional theology.
Passionate for Change
For the church course, these business books are up to par.
Book Review: The Next Christians
Gabe Lyons' new book explains why the end of Christian America is good news.
Preaching on the Parables of Jesus
How to read and communicate Jesus' stories for spiritual impact and life transformation.
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