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Unplanned Parenthood: The Blessing of an Inconvenient Pregnancy
For many women, pregnancy reveals just how far we've bowed to the god of control.
Taming the Twitter Tongue
Why I'm still not tweeting.
When Ironic Sexism Comes to Church
Have Christians started mimicking our culture's winking anti-woman attitudes?
Dear Rihanna: 'Your Truth' Won't Set You Free
Our individual exceptionalism has theological consequences.
The Joy of Instagram
Pausing our Internet cynicism to celebrate the little moments.
Asking Too Much of Marriage
We can't expect our spouses to solve all our problems.
My Kid Is Not My Calling
How we've mischaracterized the Christian "call."
Women and Competition
The ugly truth about female relationships
Have We Told You How Pretty You Look Today?
How our instinct to praise each others’ looks might fuel an image-obsessed culture.