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Learning from the Artists about People and Place
Craig Goodworth's installation helped me see God's work in my current home of Durham.
15 Prayers for a Violent World
In an age weary with suffering, how can we pray?
Lent Is Here to Throw Us Off Again
Finding healing in repetition, community, and art.
Seminary Grads: God’s Name for You Matters More Than Your Masters
A word of encouragement for recent theology graduates.
Heeding the invitation of the Holy Spirit.
And God Said to Pastors: Use More Sermon Puns and Plan More Parties
Three reasons to practice levity and humor in public worship.
Five Family-Friendly Resources for Lent
What does it mean to teach our children about lament, fasting, and mortality? These books, apps, and flashcards can help.
Where Are All the Good Stories about Marriage?
And how Christians in the arts can bring them back.
Make a Joyful Silence Unto the Lord
Why quiet is essential to corporate worship.
Discipling the Eyes Through Art in Worship
The visual arts can play a powerful role in worship—if we look closely enough.