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The Dead White Poet You Need in Your Life
Why 17th-century poet George Herbert is making a comeback.
Preaching to the Washed and Waiting
How can pastors speak to the complex issue of homosexuality? An Interview with Dr. Wesley Hill
Kevin Vanhoozer, Drama King
The theologian's career has been about helping Christians play their part in the great divine story.
Remember the Future
Advent reminds us we've already seen it.
Pastor, You Have One Job
Ministry is, first and foremost, about being a caretaker of a message.
Elevating the Conversation?
A plea to evangelical Christians to get serious about loving gay people.
Do-It-Yourself Church Unity
Healing the fractured body of Christ isn’t just for theologians to figure out.
Hard-Copy Bibles Aren’t Just Nostalgic
As a seminary professor, I’m requiring the physical book in class. Church should do the same.
Loving the Letter of the Text
Fidelity and "deep exegesis."
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