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When It's Okay to Cheer at Church
Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. —Psalm 47:1
Somebody Needs To Do Something
Every child deserves to know that he or she matters—to God for sure, and to at least one other person.
A Personal Approach
Many children's ministries answer that question with clear and relevant lessons, accompanied by creative Bible teaching.
The First Gauge
This article focuses on a reliable tool to help children's ministries see their effectiveness.
Hands—From the Heart
The human hand performs many miraculous tasks.
I Thank God For...
I sent a simple survey to parents requesting that they let their sons and daughters complete the sentence "I thank God for …" Here's a sampling of what kids expressed thankfulness for, in their words.
The Power of Everyone
I've coached my son's basketball teams for five seasons. Each Tuesday evening we hold a one-hour practice and each Saturday we play a 40-minute game.
Power Points
The priceless reward for everyone in children's ministry is clear: watching children, one by one, take steps in their walks with Jesus.
The Sound of Ministry
This weekend, listen to your ministry.
Never Too Big, Never Too Small—To Worship
We recently held auditions for vocalists—students who will sing beside our children's ministry worship leaders on weekends.