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The Divine Commodity
Today many people choose churches like they choose groceries.
Live from NPC: Rob Bell
Paper cuts, forgiveness, and chocolate covered turds.
Divine Agnosticism
Reverent silence as one antidote to Consumer Christianity.
Wait a Minaret!
How will your church respond to the growing influence of Islam?
Matt Chandler Discusses his Brain Surgery
His perspective as "a guy who could lose everything."
The Wrong Boogeyman (Part 1)
Is the government really to blame for declining church attendance?
Scrutinizing Church Leadership
Why are so many church structures predicated on distrust?
Skye Jethani: Tortured Conscience
A new survey shows most churchgoers support torture. What should pastors say?
Ministry Lessons From a Muslim
His unexpected message to church leaders: fully embrace your Christian identity.
Skye Jethani: Generation of Sarcasm
Is the church fixing or fueling the toxic cynicism of our culture?