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Hey, Fletch: A Board Member No Longer Gives to the Church
How to approach a board member who isn’t engaging with the church’s mission. - Article
board. Giving to your church can't be a weapon that is brandished to get one's way. We give because we respond to God's grace in our lives. My favorite
5 Steps for Disciple Multiplication
A simple tool for apprenticing followers of Christ who can apprentice others.
We can meet for coffee or whatever, but during that time I will help you get to the place where you are confident and capable of leading a group.” Grace, one of the Christ followers, said
Preparing to Leave a Church You Love
Even when you know it’s time to move on, you’ll likely face mixed emotions. - Article
I'm concerned they will never experience what being a part of the church truly looks like. They will not taste the sweetness of authentic community or know the grace of lives knit together.
Ministry Marriages
Learn to appreciate each other’s gifts for a healthy ministry and marriage. - Article
Paul eloquently explained how we should view the gifts in our spouses in Romans 12:6: “We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” Having different gifts is self
Kyle Idleman: God Never Wastes What We Go Through
Helping people experience grace and embracing confession in pastoral ministry.
Through. Helping people experience grace and embracing confession in pastoral ministry. those. … I am much more interested in helping you experience grace.”.
Hurricane Response • $800,000 Theft • Church Festival Fine: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
Harvey, which hit the Texas coast as a Category 4 hurricane, offers Christians a chance to be even more helpful—to show God's grace and mercy to a disaster-filled world.
3 Ways to Maximize Co-Pastoring
Effective co-pastoring requires more than just dividing up tasks. - Article
ever. Some days are still very hard, but God's grace has gone before us, empowering us to be faithful to our vocation, one another, and the church. So
Use Your Strength to Serve Others
How to gracefully embrace your role as the strongest person in the room - Article
I didn't realize I had shut them down. As I grew to understand myself better and learned from my mistakes, I developed more skill in finessing strength with grace and wisdom.
Preaching Grace Rather Than To-Do Lists
When we share five ways to be a better parent, what are we communicating about the gospel? - Article
Preaching Grace Rather Than To-Do Lists. When we share five ways to be a better parent, what are we communicating about the gospel? Read as Single
Fellow Christian, I’m Going To Assume The Best Of You – Even If You Don’t Give Me The Same Courtesy
If we look for the worst in people, we’ll get bucketloads of it. If we look for the best, we’ll get that.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Karl Vaters. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 2. Image: Alan Levine | Flickr. 0; tweet; email; print. Whatever happened to grace? Not God's grace for us. But what about giving grace to others
In Defense of the Children’s Sermon
How we’ve made those five minutes of our service some of the most influential—for kids and adults.
What is a children's sermon really? It's a short explanation of a verse or passage in the Bible for young people in need of God's grace, wisdom, presence, and direction.
Pariah and Paragon
Women in ministry are often held to two extremes at once. - Article
complex human experiences and increases the pressure to succeed because we no longer stand for ourselves, but for everyone “like us.” Worse, there's little space for grace when you
What Christians in the US Can Learn from Immigrant Pastors
For those who met Christ elsewhere, Americanized Christianity can look a bit strange.
Grace and Its Unintended Consequences. A unnecessary. Resting in God's grace is quite different from “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil. 2:12).
3 Ways I’m Nurturing My Emotional Intelligence
A heart moved by the gospel will be stirred with empathy for others.
Nothing can trigger a humble, loving heart for others like the gospel. It's much easier to walk with a heart of grace for others after reflecting on the grace God has shown you.
A Dying Pastor Reflects on His Legacy
With less than a month to live, Buddy Hoffman discusses the highs and lows of 40 years in ministry.
Four years ago, Buddy Hoffman, the founding pastor of the Grace Family of Churches, experienced a catastrophic aortic dissection. Doctors expected
The 2018 CT Pastors Book Recommendations
Six recent books that will aid you in your ministry.
In his graceful spirit, Alan reminded me what so many of us often forget: our leadership begins not in our leading, but in following the one who modeled a grace-paced life.
The 10 Percent Grace Rule: Judging Without Being Judgmental
As Christians and as consumers of content, how do we balance wise discernment with forgiveness and grace? 
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
As Christians and as consumers of content, how do we balance wise discernment with forgiveness and grace? Christian grace? The 10% Grace Rule.
The Illusion Of Pastoral Control In A Small Church
If you’re a small church pastor who’s been frustrated with your inability to gain control of the church, stop trying. There's a better way.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
They need willing shepherds and servants who will love the people, feed the flock, care for the hurting, make disciples and equip the saints to grow in grace and in vibrant ministry, even
Clues for Your Calling
Understanding your spiritual gifts can help you determine the work to which God has called you. - Article
Read as Single PagePage 1 of 4. 0; tweet; email; print. The New Testament teaches us that God in his grace and power has poured out gifts and roles among his people.
That Discussion You’re Dreading Is a Ministry Opportunity
How to dive into crucial conversations without clamming up or lashing out.
lives.” If we can climb the stairs of our head, heart, and soul to look out over the situation from above, we will be more likely to speak, feel, and act in ways that nurture a grace-and-truth
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