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Preparing to Leave a Church You Love
Even when you know it’s time to move on, you’ll likely face mixed emotions. - Article
There will definitely be loss, and it's important to make space for working through your grief. That reassurance will help you as the different stages of grief hit.
When Pastors Are Sexual Abuse Survivors
Childhood trauma can sabotage ministry in sinister ways.
“If abuse is mentioned at all, it's not going to be about male victims. This leads to a disenfranchised grief. It is not socially acknowledged, publicly mourned, or homiletically addressed.”.
Adoption Tax Credit • FEMA Lawsuit • Hate Crime Statistics: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
He added that parishioners haven't 'had a chance to fully deal with the grief and then come together to make a decision'” (“Texas Church Where Massacre Took Place Will Be
A Conductor of Community
Gail Song Bantum turned a love of music into a life of ministry. - Article
This catalytic event rocked her world, as anyone who's walked through the ebbs and flows of grief and loss can understand. “It's amazing to me how our
How to Keep Leading When You Feel Like Falling Apart
5 things to do when you face tragedy and turmoil - Article
Those who have watched siblings suffer through illness, or even death, understand the level of grief these two women felt when their brother, Lazarus, became sick and died.
Where Have All the Lamenters Gone?
No one laments more than God, so why do we as leaders feel pressure to keep a happy face? - Article
We have sung the happy songs in church, prayed the happy prayers, and told ourselves to always be thankful, at the expense of silencing the grief left unresolved in our hearts.
Why “Finishing Well” Can Never Be Our Main Reason To Behave Morally
We need to behave morally not so we can keep our reputations intact, but because hurting other people is wrong. Always wrong.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
I agree with their sentiment, it's a problem when the loss of reputation by the church leader is so high on our list of concerns – sometimes getting more expressions of grief than our
5 Tips for Staying in Leadership in Trying Times
Lessons on leading through suffering from the life of Amanda Berry Smith - Article
disappointments, especially as leaders. Despite that, we cannot abandon our calling because of grief, disappointment, discouragement, or bad health. If you are
Over 1,000 Children Abused by Pennsylvania Priests Over Decades
New grand jury report catalogs astonishing breadth of child sexual abuse by priests. - Article
Rachel Denhollander, an attorney and former gymnast who was the first to accuse Dr. Larry Nassar of sexually abusing gymnasts, reacted on Facebook with “grief and anger
Moving Forward After a Difficult Week
Unity may indeed be needed after the election, but it’s okay to grieve first. - Article
The shocking election results have created much conversation in Christian circles, especially among women leaders. Some are feeling grief, shock, and even fear.
3 Questions to Ask a Counselor Before You Get Started
How to discern if he or she is the right person to counsel you - Article
hand. These conversations are holy grounds of hospitality, a chance to meet a fellow image bearer in his or her time of need, distress, grief, or frustration.
Funeral for a Stranger
What to do—and what to avoid—when eulogizing someone you never met.
But in moments of grief, when families are walking through a sudden loss, people long for a minister—someone called and trained to be present with them in their pain, to help them
Preaching in the Midst of Tragedy
In four years of pastoral ministry, I’ve had to preach through four national tragedies. - Article
Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, shooting and killing 20 first-graders and 6 adults—robbing them of their lives and making Christmas a time of mourning and grief for 26
Glad Tidings and Cups of Bitterness
Serving Christ means experiencing sorrow—even at Christmas.
I was supposed to be preparing Christmas sermons about joy, peace, and glad tidings, but all I felt was grief, agony and despair. Godly grief. There is grief in serving Christ.
Where Were You When It Happened?
Helping when mass tragedy strikes your congregation - Article
Is your congregation prepared to navigate widespread grief or wipe tears during multiple funerals? And do you have a plan if that tragedy garners national attention and media interest?
The Cost of Caring
How to avoid compassion fatigue as you care for others - Article
empathy. Compassion and empathy go beyond offering condolences, advice, or rescue. They're about joining a person in grief, injustice, and loss. They
Why We Fail the Grieving
Comforting bereaved people takes more than good intentions.
Let's call it “Grief Pox.” No one ever sent a card or expressed any tangible support through my bereavement. I was left to navigate the waters of grief by myself.
Ministry Shouldn’t Hurt
What to do when the church starts acting like an abusive boyfriend - Article
I've heard from a woman who was trapped in her office as the senior minister yelled at her until she was nearly faint with fear, pain, and grief. Tales of disrespect.
Feeling the ‘Ugh’ at Christmastime
Can your church be honest about heartache this Advent?
The only logical response, to me, was grief. Meanwhile, I was preparing my sermon for that week. Here are a few resources to guide your congregation in the grief and hope of Advent.
How Should Churches Respond to Hurricanes?
Guidance for ministries in the wake of a devastating natural disaster. - Article
Pray for patience and put yourself in their shoes. Learn to tell the difference between signs of normal stress and grief, and signs of unhealthy grief. Many
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