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How Pastors Can Reclaim the Role of Spiritual Parent
I don’t wear a collar, but "Father" is still the best description of my calling.
Whether it's “mother” or “father” (or whether we use those terms at all) I long to see us recapture a vision of the pastor as a familial role. We are called to nurture God's family.
The Pastor's Currency is Influence
Are you spending it wisely?
Because of my position as pastor, the family I visit knows from the start that something about God is happening. I listen to them tell their story. … After a while I pray for the family.
11 Ways to Love Your Leader
Tips for making the most of Pastor Appreciation Month. - Article
experiences. Slip cash in a card. Your pastor and their family have a list of needs you don't know about but your gift can make a big difference. Simply
Before You Fire Your Pastor
8 guidelines to consider. - Article
home. Pray more fervently. You are about to make a decision that will shape your church, the pastor, and the pastor's family for years to come. Make
When a Member of Your Church Is Dying
Preparing yourself and your church to embrace purpose and service when death looms.
The pastor is one of the legs on a three-legged stool. Pastors can provide an incredible amount of comfort and assurance when a family member turns to them and says, “These are my
3 Ways I’m Nurturing My Emotional Intelligence
A heart moved by the gospel will be stirred with empathy for others.
After that counseling session, I knew I needed to become a more faithful pastor, so I sought ways to I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to write off family members caught up in
My Mixed Feelings about Ordination
How could I know if ordination was the right step for me? - Article
My dad's work had paid for our entire family to spend a week at a Christian retreat So I interned with the youth pastor, spent my summers in ministry, and became a Ministry Scholarship
Why Smooth Pastoral Transitions Matter More Now Than Ever
In previous generations, the denomination, the church building, and family expectations had such a strong hold that it virtually didn’t matter who the pastor was.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
In previous generations, the denomination, the church building, and family expectations had such a strong hold that it virtually didn't matter who the pastor was.
How to Care for Abuse Survivors in Your Congregation
Practical ways to care for the wounded.
of those who have had painful experiences by acknowledging the broad range of family experiences present in the congregation. Last Mother's Day our youth pastor stood up and
Tales from a ‘Billy Graham Kid’
From my earliest days, Mr. Graham shaped my life and my calling.
Those who know my connection to the Graham family have asked me over the years, “Will there Stephanie O'Brien is a lead pastor at Mill City Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a
Want To Pastor A Church You Love? Love The Church You’re Pastoring
What if every pastor saw their church, not as a stepping-stone to something bigger, but as an investment to make with all their heart and soul?
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Stepping-Stone Pastorates Are Bad for Pastors, Too. Not only is it toxic for churches when pastors treat them like stepping-stones, it's toxic for pastors too – and for the pastor's family.
A Pastor's Final Blessing
A minister to those at sea gives one last benediction.
On a regular basis, Roald reminded me that he and his wife, Ruth, prayed for my family and me. From what I'd come to know about this retired pastor, prayer was extremely important.
Share the Load in Your Small Congregation
Are you the only pastor on staff? You don’t have to bear the burden alone.
Are you the only pastor on staff? her in, sat her before them, read the passage from James, and said, “I invoke you as my elders to carry out your biblical duty to my family.” They refused
Why Pastors Leave • Abuse in the Evangelical Church • Church Embezzler Barred: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
the church's expectations of its pastor (22 percent), a sabbatical plan for the pastor (12 percent), a lay counseling ministry (9 percent), or a support group for the pastor's family (8 percent
When People Leave: The Private Pain Of The Small Church Pastor
Even if the church is large and growing, it can be hard when people leave. But when the church is small, each loss is much more painful.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
The collective pain from years of those departures can wear a pastor down. When a small church loses just one family it can mean massive changes in entire ministries.
Funeral for a Stranger
What to do—and what to avoid—when eulogizing someone you never met.
The pastor should offer gentle but steady leadership. Most family members are too drained from mourning their loved one to plan an order of service.
Pastor, How Do You Pray for Your Church?
10 ministry leaders respond.
on prayer by pastor and author Max Lucado, I was struck by his comment that the best thing he's ever done as a pastor was to recruit 100 people to pray for him and his family every day.
Go Ahead and Grin—Church Is Hilarious
Ministry is a lot more fun if you laugh at just about everything. - Article
hung his head sheepishly and said, “Only one family that I know of.” Instead of rubbing it in that he clearly couldn't function without me, I found it amusing that the pastor's family was the
We Are Called to Be Faithful, Not Successful
As my pastorate crumbled around me, I learned what God truly expects of us.
My family was serving in a small church plant on the west side of Indianapolis, and we unexpectedly found ourselves in conversation with a church in Florida.
Why Moral Failure Happens When Ministry Is Going Great
7 characteristics of success that can lead to adultery.
When the pastor gets caught up in success at church, more and more time goes to maintaining or increasing that success, and less and less time gets invested in marriage and family.
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