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Getting Past the Lie of Rejection
Five steps you can take to get back on track. - Article
Read as Single PagePage 1 of 4. Image: Lightstock. 0; tweet; email; print. “We feel like the Holy Spirit is calling you elsewhere.”. Each word pierced me like a dagger to my soul.
The 2018 CT Pastors Book Recommendations
Six recent books that will aid you in your ministry.
and symbols. Seasoned and starting soul-watchers who are serious about their sacred craft should heed Arthurs' call and sit under him. Desmond Soh
Give People Dignity the World Has Taken Away
What an alcoholic pastor taught me about administering the presence of God.
Wheaton, Illinois. This article is adapted with permission from Immeasurable: Reflections onthe Soul of Ministry in the Age of Church, Inc. (Moody, 2017).
Don’t Try To Be Successful, Try To Do Good Work
A minister with a well-nourished soul may or may not have a big church, but they’ll always have a healthy ministry.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
A minister with a well-nourished soul may or may not have a big church, but they'll always have a healthy ministry. For a while. But the numbers came at a cost. They sucked my soul dry.
Lead from Where You Are
Give to others from your own walk with God. - Article
Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. Image: iStock. 0; tweet; email; print. "You walk with God and teach others out of that." My professor's words etched themselves onto my soul as he spoke
Lamenting Failure
God is doing something bigger and better than your project. - Article
So I took time to let that truth sink in. I took time to tend my soul rather than worrying about anyone else. The raw honesty of the Psalms fed my soul during that time of failure.
When You Feel Like a Failure
Whether you've truly failed―or you just feel like a failure―the experience can actually be a blessing. - Article
I felt like an utter failure. Surely, she could see it, too. But where one woman's words had stripped me to the core, her words filled me up. They were like balm to my soul.
What a Pastoral Coach Says Pastors Need for Spiritual Self-Care
Ways to create a healthy rhythm in ministry work. - Article
“In order to be a good, effective pastor, you also need to develop your soul,” Miller says. Here are some steps pastors can take for their own soul care, according to Miller:
Four Questions to Ask When Complacency Calls
With all the politicking, protesting, and terrorizing, it’s tempting to give up the fight. - Article
All of this indicates to me that the time has come, again, to fight for my own soul. I lift my heavy head, taking my eyes off myself and fixing them on Jesus
Love Thy (Immigrant) Neighbor
Women leaders play a unique role in helping refugees and immigrants settle into the community. - Article
Each one, regardless of accent, culture, or skin color possesses a God-breathed soul. Practical Soul Needs. “People migrate with their cultural beliefs and practices.” —​Kenneth Guest.
Want To Pastor A Church You Love? Love The Church You’re Pastoring
What if every pastor saw their church, not as a stepping-stone to something bigger, but as an investment to make with all their heart and soul?
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
What if every pastor saw their church, not as a stepping-stone to something bigger, but as an investment to make with all their heart and soul? Christian
Eugene Cho: Why I Am Stepping Down as Pastor of Quest Church
“I don’t feel burned out, but I am realizing my limitations.”
I can tell how I'm doing in my soul and in my calling by answering these questions: How am I sleeping? How am I eating? How am I exercising? How are my Sabbath days?
How Pastors Can Reclaim the Role of Spiritual Parent
I don’t wear a collar, but "Father" is still the best description of my calling.
you. He helped me understand how desperately I wanted a dad. Mark's dedication to my young soul left an indelible impression on my life. Eventually
Leave Me Alone So I Can Do Ministry!
When productivity replaces hospitality, we miss the point of pastoring.
On my more gracious days, I respond easily, “Oh you're never a bother. Come in. How is it with your soul?” On my less-than- gracious days? Lord have mercy on my soul.
5 Tips for Staying in Leadership in Trying Times
Lessons on leading through suffering from the life of Amanda Berry Smith - Article
If you are like me, there's a burning deep down in your heart that won't allow you to give up, but getting your heart, mind, and soul to go forward is hard.
Inspiring Tales of Spiritual Motherhood
5 pastors honor the women who nurtured them for ministry.
In the kitchen, my mother not only nourished my stomach, but also my soul. That Saturday morning a question was stirring within me. It nourished my soul that sought to know God more.
When Church Gets Sidelined by Youth Sports
Pastors need a game plan for discipling over-committed families.
Families are stressed and frantic. They need understanding and space to have a conversation around this issue and how certain decisions can chip away at the soul.
Moving Forward After a Difficult Week
Unity may indeed be needed after the election, but it’s okay to grieve first. - Article
Recovery Director. Instead of saying anything to women leaders today, I invite lament—the guttural, primal wail of the soul that is born of suffering and loss.
3 Secrets of Leadership Training
What does it take to develop leaders in your church?
Leadership involves caring for your soul; this is not optional or extra credit. Secret #2: Leadership training is as much about soul care as it is about skills.
That Discussion You’re Dreading Is a Ministry Opportunity
How to dive into crucial conversations without clamming up or lashing out.
A friend of mine calls this “getting up on the balcony of our lives.” If we can climb the stairs of our head, heart, and soul to look out over the situation from above, we will be more likely to
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