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My Mixed Feelings about Ordination
How could I know if ordination was the right step for me? - Article
For the first time in my life I learned that my dad was a “boss” with people working for him. And with that knowledge came the temptation to use his title to my advantage.
Poured Out for the Church
Releasing the desire to be right, even when you’ve been wronged - Article
member. The issues might vary, but the wounds hurt nonetheless. The temptation to slip into bitterness is so very real―even alluring at times. There
CT Pastors’ Top 17 Articles of 2017
This year’s best practical solutions and stories of ministry failure, temptation, and encouragement.
CT Pastors' Top 17 Articles of 2017. This year's best practical solutions and stories of ministry failure, temptation, and encouragement. Stories of failure. Stories of temptation.
Southwestern Fires Patterson • Abuse Survivor’s Lawsuit • Church LGBTQ Access: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
an all-male church board's characterization of female congregants who were pressured into sex with the pastor as sinning 'adulteresses' who gave into 'temptation' was constitutionally
Four Questions to Ask When Complacency Calls
With all the politicking, protesting, and terrorizing, it’s tempting to give up the fight. - Article
I know I am not alone in my temptation to be complacent and turn inward even while living outwardly in ministry, but I must be willing to take a personal inventory of what is making the
Temptations in Ministry
Sinful behavior may be visible, but the source of that behavior is beneath the surface.
Nouwen interprets the first temptation, Satan's challenging Jesus to turn the stones into bread, as the temptation to be relevant. Or in other words, it is
Moving Forward After a Difficult Week
Unity may indeed be needed after the election, but it’s okay to grieve first. - Article
Biblical lament comes through sorrow and moves toward repentance with the hope or restoration. My temptation is to analyze, shout, argue, demand, and advise on one hand.
Our Best on Ministry’s Dangers, Toils, and Snares
9 tools to help you overcome the temptations of leadership.
Temptation itself is not a bad thing. In fact, you remember the classic distinction between virtue and innocence? Virtue, unlike innocence, has successfully passed a point of temptation.
Ladies Who Lunch—with Men
Do your coworkers follow the Billy Graham Rule? - Article
The “rule” goes something like this: to avoid temptation, or the appearance thereof, it has been said that Billy Graham never meets with a woman alone.
Sister, You Are Not a Mistake
The church needs you and your gifts. - Article
Among the evangelical women I have interviewed, most experienced little interaction with the men in their classes, and were even treated as a sexual temptation.
Church Financial Managers • Dangerous Comparisons • Meeting Power-Ups: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
For more help on financial basics, check out Church Finance. 2. The dangers of comparison. "(M)inistry leaders have the added temptation of comparing their ministry to others'.
Free Church Articles • Avoiding Isolation • Managing Email: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
'Don't isolate.' His words rang in my head as I fought the temptation to go it alone, not just as a Christian but as a pastor. Isolation in ministry can be the death knell of health and vitality.
Mentoring Is More than Teaching
It’s actually a lot more like mothering. - Article
I just knew it would be a great help as she faced this temptation. Nothing, of course. But when we're fighting a serious battle against temptation, we might need something more.
Tempted to Compare
One scan of social media left me feeling defeated. - Article
into dangerous negative thought patterns. And ministry leaders have the added temptation of comparing their ministry to others'. I came home once from
The 4 Great Challenges of Christian Counseling
Pastors must prepare to bear these burdens as they meet with parishioners.
“Our temptation is to let these things slide when we are under stress, but for those in highly stressful jobs and ministries, including counselors, paying attention to our own psychological
Max Lucado: Dangerous Voices
Don't be quick to believe what others say about you—whether it's bad or especially if it's good.
So anxiety is around one corner, and temptation is right around the other. I don't know if any generation has ever lived with such easy access to temptation and fear.
What Christians in the US Can Learn from Immigrant Pastors
For those who met Christ elsewhere, Americanized Christianity can look a bit strange.
“The temptation there is hypocrisy, to appear more spiritual than you actually are. But in the US I pray less than I did in Korea. No one checks on my discipleship; we don't talk about it.
Rest Is Not an Option
The dangerous effects of our fast-paced lives on ministry - Article
In other words, willpower is so weak, and the prefrontal cortex is so overtaxed, that all it takes is five extra bits of information before the brain starts to give in to temptation.".
Leave Me Alone So I Can Do Ministry!
When productivity replaces hospitality, we miss the point of pastoring.
But lurking under the veneer of that seemingly innocuous concern for ministry output lays a dangerous temptation: to be, as Henri Nouwen says, relevant.
The Duggar Abuse Case: A Lesson for Churches
What churches can learn about the need to report abuse—and the consequences of failing to do so. - Article
The state trooper, the Duggars, and the church elders all failed to report the abuse. The temptation is strong for churches to try to handle sexual abuse internally and privately.
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