Small Churches


Sixty percent of US Protestant churches have fewer than 100 people at worship. Learn the fine art of leading a small church, with its distinctive opportunities and challenges.


Training Tools

  • Strengthening Small Churches
    Strengthening Small Churches
    This Training Theme looks honestly and biblically at the important roles of small churches and provides ways to lead in the midst of the unique dynamics that shape them.
  • Leveraging the Strengths of Small Churches
    Leveraging the Strengths of Small Churches
    Identify your small church's inherent strengths to build exciting and effective ministry.
  • Volunteer Development
    Volunteer Development
    Make sure your volunteers get the training they need.
  • Bi-vocational Ministry
    Bi-vocational Ministry
    In "Bi-Vocational Ministry," you'll find articles to help you explore the advantages and challenges of employing pastors that also work outside the church.
  • Making a Good Transition
    Making a Good Transition
    Lead your ministry successfully into its next phase.
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